The new Panama City Lighthouse will be a testamonial to the heritage of Panama City and the four founding families that settled in Bay County at the turn of the century. Select the links below to learn about each of these four founding families:

Charles Stephen Anderson

George Washington Davis

Emory Marvin Hobbs

Charles Jackson Raffield

Each of these families played a significant role in the development of both the recreational and commercial fishing community in the area. Living in and around Bay County at the turn of the last century, these four founders and their offspring founded our commercial fishing industry as we know it today.

Working in tandem with the Coast Guard, the Panama City Lighthouse will be a fully functional and approved nautical aid. As an official, Private Aid to Navigation, the Lighthouse will be visible many miles out into the Gulf, benefitting local and tourist boaters, as well as commercial traffic.

The Panama City Lighthouse will be a “beacon” for economic development and tourism. Click here to read an editorial from Pat Sabiston, chair of The Panama City Lighthouse Board of Directors.

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